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Step-1 Everyone has their own life experience and story. Many of them want to share but have no one to listen to and understand, many are even afraid of sharing, fearing judgment, bullying, and made fun of. The community is for reaching out to your voice, where there is no judgment no-bullying only understanding the real worth.

Step-2 Have a story, you think can be helpful and can inspire or encourage millions. Share with us to reach your voice to them, if you see we are interdependent indirectly. Maybe your experience story could be a thing that may fill their gap. Email us your story today at sandeepsirfan@gmail.com

Step-3 As your story reaches us it goes through a simple review process. The story gets thoroughly read, in order to clarify that it doesn't hurt the sentiments of the readers and to avoid the inconvenience that could be faced by them.

Step-4 As your story passes the review process and is ready for the readers. It is published in the community respective of its category. .

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flavor wheel Hi readers, I am Piyush. This story is all about how friendship changed my life. This particular incident goes back to 2018 when I was in my 12th standard. Back then, I was just a normal kid. I didn't have any plans for my future. Didn't know what interests me, wasn't good in studies either. Back then, I had few friends (still have only a few), but everyone was in a similar situation…

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chemex Recently someone suggested me this book 'Asura'. I have always liked reading mythology and explore my religion, and this book took me further in my quest. So basically this book is Ramayan from Ravan's point of view. The core concept of the book thrilled me and reading it changed the way I saw Ravan. We are always told that he was a bad person, and in some ways he was, but there's more to…

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